This Is Happening

Another thing I might write about a lot is music. And LCD Soundsystem is a favorite, so, yes, "This Is Happening." What I mean by that is a flurry of activity organized around getting additional LFP sites up and running. One of those is The Little Free Pantry-Little Rock, which I've referenced. (Follow the arrow.) Like their page. Want to do one better? Share their page. The more people reached, the broader the potential impact of the project.

In seemingly-unrelated-yet-tangential news...HRC. You all can't see my Facebook page metrics but probably wouldn't be surprised to know 88% of those who have "liked" my page are women. I know more women use Facebook, but it niggled. So I reached out about it to someone doing anti- hunger work professionally. Her words, "And amen on the women in anti- hunger work!!! It's lady-powered like nothing else." Last night HRC became the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party, and we won't fix food inequity without lady power.