Steward Story: "A Steward's Week," by Susan Watson Breese

The Little Free Pantry I supply is in a church parking lot next door to an elementary school in Springdale that has a high poverty rate. [The LFP] empties out quickly.

Last Monday morning as I was passing by, I noticed someone taking food. That afternoon I put in about three bags full.

Tuesday it was empty again.

Friday evening the church held a free community dinner, serving 48 people this month. After the dinner, one of the diners was getting food from the pantry.

Saturday it was empty.

Sunday afternoon someone filled it up again.

Monday morning it was empty.

Today I brought four bags full, and when I got there, someone had left several bags of canned fruits and vegetables and many bags of dried beans. The church had left bags of frozen fish and bagged vegetables. I had difficulty finding enough room for what I brought.

While I was standing in 31 degree weather, a car pulled in with a middle aged couple. They were telling me how difficult it was on a fixed income, and they take care of their grandchildren a lot. So they helped me out by removing items they needed, giving me room to place new stuff. This is the first time I’ve actually interacted with someone who uses the pantry, and it made my heart full.