All day yesterday, I was a logistics manager.

Before LFP, I was a Thrivent Financial Associate. I made my own schedule, which came in handy when LFP took off since almost immediately I was working full-time on LFP-related stuff.  I maintain my securities license and affiliation with Thrivent but stepped back from a role with expectations. This means I still do some Thrivent work.

Task one: Coordinating a local poultry producer’s donation of Thanksgiving turkeys to two area churches, a task once handled by Thrivent volunteers. (It’s complicated.) On November 17th I’ll pick up and deliver 52 raw birds.

Task two: Coordinating an Indianapolis newspaper’s donation of 50 plastic newspaper boxes to LFP. I am in Fayetteville, AR, but because of the work I do (LFP) when I’m not doing my actual work (Thrivent), I have connections to Indianapolis-area groups. They’re taking it from here. 50 new projects!

Task three: Creation of a spreadsheet of Northwest Arkansas area LFPs, made for a large local corporation who will use it do community service. (26; another five unconfirmed.)

And so on until 8:15.

Poverty and distribution are the leading causes of hunger, and I spent all day yesterday on the distribution side. I'm ready to get to work on poverty. I anticipate that work, too, will have lots to do with the logistics of mobilizing people to act.